Track and Field Performance Training

Perhaps the most basic of all sports, training for track and field can help any athlete reach new levels. Basic core, balance, sprinting, and jumping are used in every sport imaginable. Endurance is needed even in sports that don't require long runs. Endurance to run multiple sprints in a workout allow you to train speed more efficiently, with more speed comes the ability to jump and react quicker or higher. Our track and field training works on running technique, endurance, speed endurance, speed, core and balance, acceleration, speed maintenence, starts, plyometrics, strength, along with event specific coaching. We have the facilities and coaching to aid athletes in Long/Triple Jump, Sprints, Starts/reaction, High Jump, and the Pole Vault.


Performance Coach: Nick Hysong
Assistant Coach: Brandon Glenn
Assistant Coach: Kolette Hysong



(602) 494-6303 - - 10424 N. 38th Street Phoenix Arizona

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