Speed/Sprint Training

Are you a football player and need to improve your 40 time, a basketball player who needs better court agility and speed for those fast breaks, a baseball player who needs to get around the bases faster? Sprint technique and training is highly important in many different sports. Risen Performance will teach you to run more efficiently, making it easier to run fast, and in the end increase your overall speed.

Some athletes were born to run, some athletes run naturally, other athletes have to learn how to run, and even others have to learn to run and are taught incorrectly. Through out my years in Track and Field I certainly had to learn how to run. Athletes can improve their speed by looking at and correcting bio mechanics and technique. Add in proper training and that improvement can many times be drastic. I was able to improve from a 13 second 100m dash in high school to sprinting the anchor leg of the 4x100m relay team for Arizona State University. By the middle of my professional career I was able to average 10.60 seconds during my 100m intervals in practices. Learning to sprint well also took me to the top of my game in my event, winning a Gold Medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and a Bronze Medal in the 2001 World Championships.

Sprinting and sprinting well are two completely different things. An athlete might be fast but if they are not efficient they are not as fast as they can be, and running fast will be much harder on their bodies than it needs to be. Also, incorrect bio mechanics can many times lead to injuries like worn out cartilage and other joint issues later on in their careers. We teach athletes correct mechanics, balance and stability to make them more efficient, more consistent and ultimately faster. This can help you remain fast during a long game and keep that extra edge in the 4th Quarter.

Sprint Technique Class
Our sprint technique class focuses on teaching and improving their running technique, and leaving them with drills that are used by professional level athletes to develop strength, balance and control to increase speed.

Class Registration
To reserve your spot in a specific class download and fill out our registration forms, and call or e-mail to register. There is a 50$ non-refundable deposit due to reserve a spot, and the balance is due the first day of class. Once your deposite is received your place in the class is reserved. Each class will be limited to a maximum of 12 athletes.
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call (602) 494-6303 or e-mail: nhysong@risenperformance.com


Speed Development Program
If you are looking for something more full time and intense, then our speed development program is for you. It is a full training regimen working each system necessary to properly increase speed from year to year. Each system is trained in a progression to lead into the next system. Beginning with Endurance and core strength, followed by strength endurance, then speed endurance, and finishing with pure speed. Previous athletes who have committed to this course have dropped 3 - 6 seconds off their 100meter times during their high school careers. Post Collegians and seen large improvements in their speed and consistency. Recent high school graduate Cole Walsh finished 3 years of this program and improved from 16 seconds in the 100 to 11.44 seconds he also finished 3rd at the USATF Junior National Championships in his event.

(602) 494-6303 - nhysong@risenperformance.com - 10424 N. 38th Street Phoenix Arizona

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