Phoenix Arizona Pole Vault and Sports Performance Training Facilities

(Pole Vault, Long/Triple Jump, Sprint Track, Grass Volleyball, weights and more).

Our Phoenix Arizona Pole Vault and training facilities are currently under developement.

Site Plan

Planned Facility List:
71m Sprint Track
UCS 2100 Pole Vault Pit (Complete)
135' Pole Vault Runway (Complete)
25' Long Jump Pit with 120' Runway (Complete)
2 High Bars (Complete)
Parallel Bars
Plyometrics Platforms
Trampoline (Complete)
Hurdles (Complete)

1100 sq foot Indoor Wieght and Exercise facility (Delayed, Size is being adjusted from the original 3500sq foot, but still a work in progress):
Air Conditioned
Weight room (Temporary weight room is on site)
Training space
Skateboard park (on Site but needs assembling)

The facility is located in North Phoenix Arizona a 1/2 mile from the Squaw Peak Mountain Reserve. We use the mountains for some running workouts and a change of scenery.


RISEN Performance Pole Vault, Longjump, and sprint track facility.

This a view of our facility in its current state (Pole Vault runway, Longjump runway, and sprint track).

Grass Volleyball Area

This is where our grass volleyball court will be. The building is set to be placed on the dirt area in the distance.

Nick Hysong's son Kole (age 4 at the time) takes the first Long Jump - Estimated 7 feet.

The first longjump, Kole Hysong (age 4 at the time) estimated 7 feet.

(602) 494-6303 - - 10424 N. 38th Street Phoenix Arizona

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