Pole Vault Camp Sessions

We are not currently running any formal camps, but we can set up or fit in camp-like visits. We have had several athletes come this summer and attend our practices. If you would like to visit for a week we make all practice sessions available to you. This allows for a camp-like format where you get multiple sessions in the span of a few days.

Please contact us if you are interested!
(602) 494-6303 - nhysong@risenperformance.com


Pole Vault Camp Promo Video

Even though there is no formal camp this year we are leaving last years camp information available just to you have more information available about us.

Download the 2012 brochure, e-mail or call for further details.
* Click here to download the 2012 brochure *


(602) 494-6303 - nhysong@risenperformance.com - 10424 N. 38th Street Phoenix Arizona

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