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Pole Vaulting Thunder Cloud

Cole Walsh Vaulting short run at 15' with an incredible view


Nick Hysong Pole Vaulting 5.70m at the 1999 World Championship in Seville Spain

The 1999 World Championship in Seville Spain was a difficult pole vault competition. There was a slit between the stands and the sun shade covering the spectators. At the opening bar (5.50m - 18') the sun was in your face right behind the pit litterally blinding you at take off. The light moved further back each bar as the sun lowered in the sky. At 5.60 it hit you just before take off, and this picture is Hysong's clearance at 5.70m (18' 8") where you could see at least a few steps before take off. It took alot of focus, and you really had to trust that your step was good and just hit the takeoff hard regardless. Nick Hysong ended up 4th place in this World Championship.

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