Pole Vaulting at Risen Performance

Pole Vault Training in Phoenix Arizona

Pole Vaulting in Phoenix Arizona has never had more opportunity than now. The Pole Vault is one of the more difficult feats in the world and obviously a sport very dear to Risen Performance. Training for the pole vault helps athletes develop a strong core, balance, good speed, gymnastic ability, courage, discipline, and strength. Phoenix based Risen Performance trains these aspects and helps Pole Vaulters develop their skills in the proper stages that build the athlete's confidence as well as athletic abilities. It is our goal to help Pole Vaulters increase not only their pole vaulting ability, but also their speed, vertical, strength and mental strength. Our pole vault facility located in Phoenix Arizona utilizes one of the largest pole vault pits available (larger than a college regulation pole vault pit), also fast runways, high bars, hurdles, long jump/triple jump pit, wieght room and plenty of other equipment pole vaulters would need to improve their skills.

We work with athletes of all levels:

Beginers to Olympic/Professional level.

Pole Vault Coach: 2000 Olympic Champion Nick Hysong
Assistant Pole Vault Coach:
Brandon Glenn
Assistant Pole Vault Coach: Mitch Krier

To join us for Pole Vault lessons please contact us at (602) 494-6303 or e-mail us at nhysong@risenperformance.com


(602) 494-6303 - nhysong@risenperformance.com - 10424 N. 38th Street Phoenix Arizona

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