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2000 Olympic Champion Nick Hysong leads the coaching staff here at RISEN Performance. He brings years of coaching experience, not just in pole vaulting but in swimming, and volleyball as well. Combine this with his experience from an 18 year long professional career in track and field and you get a coach that understands not only technique, but a lot about the mental aspects it takes to perform well. Risen Performance has been very successful since its founding producing consistent State Champions and also athletes that perform well on the National and World level.

Alex Bishop is a graduate of The University of Kansas where he was a Big12 Champion, and a NCAA Championship Finalist. Alex had great improvement after returning to train at Risen Performance in 2016, vaulting very consistent at his previous PB and setting a new PB of 18' 1 1/4". Alex is enthusiastic and great with getting athletes fired up to perform and train. With 11 years in the sport and a degree in Health and Wealness, Alex has a solid background in technique and physical fitness. Alex is currently working to become a Physician's Assistant, and also volunteer coaches at RISEN as well as at Brophy College Prep.

Natasha Kolbo is a graduate of UCLA and was a PAC12 runner up and a NCAA Finalist. Tasha has a Bachelor degree in Psychology. She also showed great improvement in 2016 vaulting consistent at her previos PB and vaulting a new PB of 14' 3 1/4". Tasha assists with coaching, and brings a great positive attitude to the group.

Grant Sisserson is an Arizona State Champion and an Ivy League Confrence Champion. He holds both his High School's record of 17' at Horizon, and his collegiate school record of 17' 11" at Cornell University. Grant has recently returned to us from college, and we are looking to see some good things for him in the future. He brings a wealth of experience, that our young vaulters can learn from.

Cole Walsh Attended the University of Oregon, but has returned to Arizona to train at RISEN and finish his degree locally at Arizona State University. In his first year back with us he has so far improved 10" and placed 3rd at the US National Championships. He has been doing a great job this year of climbing in the World Rankings, and later this summer will represent the United States in Toronto Canada at the NACAC Championships.

RISEN Performance Pole Vault, Longjump, and sprint track facility.

We are Located at 10424 N. 38th Street Phoenix Arizona.

It is about 1 mile east of the 51 freeway, Just south of Shea Blvd. Our pole vault and Training facilities are located on a 1.3 acher lot behind our residence.

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Nick & Kolette Hysong

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Phone Number: (602) 494-6303

E-Mail Address: nhysong@risenperformance.com

Physical Address: 10424 N. 38th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85028

Pole Vault, Track and Field, Speed Training in Phoenix Arizona

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Sports Performance Training

Welcome to Pole Vault Olympic Champion

Nick Hysong's


A sports performance training and education facility for those who wish to reach their full potential.

Located in Phoenix Arizona, we are currently running monthly programs to help pole vaulters, sprinters, jumpers and other athletes prepare, mature, and excel in their sports. We make athletes sprint faster, react quicker, and play with more confidence. If you are a Pole Vaulter, sprinter, jumper or an athlete needing speed and strength contact us to get started today!

Fall Training

If you participate in winter or spring sports the fall is the time to put in the work to improve your athleticism. Each month we train a different system to help you improve. Each system trained helps prepare you to train the next, and the program as a whole is tailored for developing speed. Starting from the beginning and not missing is ideal. Our Fall training program begins in September.

Starts Monday September 10th

For Fall training please contact us to confirm your spot!


Begining Pole Vault

Our Beginning Pole Vault Class is perfect for young kids who got the ich from watching the Olympics, or the athlete who has been interested in trying it out.

Take this opportunity to allow your aspiring athlete the opportunity to try pole vaulting. This class is set to run each Tuesday over 6 weeks in September and October. Each week we will be adding in 1-2 new aspects of the vault. We will advance them from learning to walk and carry the pole correctly to finally jumping over a bungee or bar in the actual pole vault pit. This class is a great way to focus on the basics, and help solidify good habits from the start, as well as allowing young athletes to try it out. We are currently only scheduling one timeslot for this, so we do have a limited amount of space. Please contact us asap to get signed up!

Next begining Class Dates:
September 18th - October 23rd


Sprints and Jumps

If you are insterested in Sprint Mechanics, Long or Triple Jump private lessons are available for schedule.


Since 2010 we have produced quite a few accomplished athletes.

Toping the list would be Katerina Stefanidi who is now an Olympic Champion and World Champion.

Cole Walsh Currently ranked 12th in the World, 3rd at 2018 US Outdoor National Championships and 10th at the 2018 US Indoor National Championships.

Cole Riddle who vaulted 17' 7" to break Nick Hysong's 27 year old High School State record. In 2018 he continued his success improving above 18 feet and placing 7th at the U20 World Junior Championships.

Augusto Dutra was the Brazilian National Champion in 2017

Tim Duckworth was a State Champion and is the State Record holder in the Decathlon. He is also now and NCAA Champion and Bristish National Record holder.

Other Arizona State Champions include:
Alex Bishop (also a NCAA finalist)
Liz Portanova
Athena Masolini
Grant Sisserson
John Wenig
Justice Masolini
Trista Smith
Marc Obadia
Eden Henderson


The Line UP: Current Events
Current Events

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Nick & Kolette Hysong

Phone Number: (602) 494-6303

E-Mail Address: nhysong@risenperformance.com

Winter 2018

It is time for our Winter Session of Pole Vaulting.

High School/Club athletes: Tuesday/Thursday 3:30 and
Saturdays at 9am

Practice Thanksgiving week is Tuesday 3:30 and Friday 10am.

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Summer 2018

Thank you Everyone for a great summer. Rest well and we will get into Fall Training in a couple of weeks.


July 27th Cole Walsh places third at the Liberty Bridge Pole Vault in South Carolina with a jump of 18' 2".

Competition at Fountain Hills High School We had some good and tough times last weekend. Misael and James stepped up for the day and both jumped personal bests. Misael with a 2 foot improvement finishing with 12' 6", and James with a 9 inch improvement finishing with 14'.

July 8th Cole Walsh wins the Brazilian GP with 5.60m and is set to compete later this month in Sandy Morris's Competition.
Cole Riddle placed 7th at the U20 Junior World Championships.



June 23rd - Cole Walsh Brings home a Bronze Medal from the USA National Championships. This Finishes out the month with an outstanding performance at the Championship. Walsh jumped three personal bests (18' 6", 18' 8" and 18' 10 1/2") in the competition, to set himself in the ranks of the elite. His final mark placed him third in the championship and moved him to 11th on the World List. With a close attempt at 19' 2" Cole Walsh proved that he has more in the tank.

June 15th - Cole Riddle Brings home his second Silver Medal from the USA Junior National Championships, this year he accomplishes the task with no misses and an 18' clearance.

June 9th - Cole Walsh and Cole Riddle take 1st and 2nd at the OTC in San Diego this past weekend (June 9th). Walsh jumped a Personal best of 5.61m (18' 5"), and Cole Riddle set a new Arizona Junior (Under 20) Record at 5.51m (18' 1/4"). Riddle becomes the first Arizona U20 to vault 18'. Both will compete in their respective National Championships later this month.

Tim Duckworth becomes the second man in history to win both the D1 NCAA Indoor Heptathlon and the D1 NCAA Outdoor Decathlon in the same year. Only he and Ashton Eaton have achieved this task. Great Job and Congratulations Tim!



Cole Walsh Clears 5.60 in Mexico CityCole Walsh wins the Mexico City Urban Vault with a new Personal Best of 5.60m (18' 4 3/4").

Cole Walsh and Ana Fonseca in Mexico CityCole Walsh and Ana Fonseca
Mexico City Urban Vault

2018 Arizona Meet of Champions

Tim Eliss 2nd with a new PB at 15' 6"
Micheal Beram 4th with a new PB at 15'

Lily Standely took 3rd Place with 11' 3"
Eden Henderson was 5th with 11' 3"

Congratulations to our 2018 High School State Championship Qualifiers!

Eden Henderson D2 State Champ!
Lily Standely D1 3rd Place
Madison George (DNC sick)
Daisy Zswick D2 7th Place
Hanna Sims D2 10th Place
Micheal Beram D1 3 Place
Tim Eliss D1 6th Place
John Rodney
Jack Neal
James Coons D1 10th Place
Jason Gaglione
Parker Fleming D2 7th Place

The Pole Shed: Social Media, Top Lists and Old News
Social Media, Top Lists and Old News

visit our facebook page Visit our YouTube Channel Risen's Top Vaulters
since 2010

Post Collegiate/Professional Athletes

Nick Hysong 5.90m (19' 4 1/2") 2000 Olympic Gold, 2001 World Championship Bronze
Cole Walsh 5.75m(18' 10 1/2")
Pau Tonneson 5.55m (18' 2 1/2"
Alex Bishop 5.52m (18' 1 1/4")
Cole Riddle 5.51m (18' 1/4")
Grant Sisserson 5.47m (17' 11") Cornell
Brandon Glenn 5.40m (17' 8")
Andrej Poljanec 5.30m(17' 4 3/4")
Mitch Krier 5.05m (16' 7")

Katerina Stefanidi 4.77m (15' 7 3/4") 2016 Olympic Gold, 2017 World Championship Gold
Natasha Kolbo 4.35m (14' 3 1/4")
Mandissa Marshall 4.25m (14')
Laura Cain 4.00m (13' 1 1/2")
Brittany Grasberger 3.85m (12' 7 1/2")
Christy Gasparino 3.81m (12' 6")
Trista Smith 12' 6"

High School All Time (high school PBs listed)
Cole Riddle 17' 7" (Arizona State Record)
Grant Sisserson 17'
Cole Walsh 16' 10 3/4"
Tim Duckworth 16' 5"
Alex Bishop 16' 4 3/4"
Tim Ellis 15' 6"
Mark Schillinger 15'
Micheal Beram 15'

Trista Smith 12' 6"
Liz Portanova 12'
Justice Masolini 12'
Madison George 11' 9"
Athena Masolini 11' 7"
Jenna Fitzgerald 11' 6"
Lily Standley 11' 6"
Eden Henderson 11' 6"

Our 2018 Outdoor High School List

Tim Ellis 15' 6"
Micheal Beram 15'
James Coons 14'
John Rodney 13'

Madison George 11' 9"
Eden Henderson 11' 6"
Lily Standley 11' 3"
Hanna Sims 9'10"
Daisy Zswick 9' 9"

Our 2017 Outdoor High School List

Cole Riddle 17' 7" State Record
Alejandro Avila 14' 6"
Marc Obadia 14' 6"
Nick Ryan 14' 6"
Micheal Beram 14'
Nathan Johnson 13' 9"
Micheal Herman 13' 6"

Lily Standley 11' 6"
Katie Evenson 10'
Hanna Simms 9' 9"
Eden Henderson 9'

Historical News

2017 USATF Junior National Championships

Cole Riddle places 2nd with a 5.25m vault and earns a spot on the USA Junior Pan American Team! He becomes our 3rd athlete to earn a medal at the USATF Junior National Championships.

Arizona Meet of Champions

After committing to Arizona State University, Cole Riddle, bests his own State Record improving it to 17' 7", and took extremely good attempts at a milestone 18' bar!

We also saw a PB from Nick Ryan at 14' 6"

State Record!!!

Cole Riddle
does what no one could in the last 27 years, taking down the long standing State Record. With a jump of 17' 5". This mark also moves him to the #2 high school rank in the country.


MAY 2017

The Arizona High School season is coming to a close. State Championship are this week. We are looking forward to seeing some great competitions.

We have already seen some good marks this year:

Lilly Standley 11'6" school record
Katie Evenson 10'
Hanna Simms 9' 9" School Record
Eden Henderson 9'

Cole Riddle 17' 7" Arizona State RECORD
Alejandro Avila 14' 6" Ties School Record
Nick Ryan 14' 6" New PB
Micheal Beram 14' New PB
Mark Obadia 14' 6" School Record

Mark Obadia commits to Alabama!
Cole Riddle commits to Arizona State University!

2016 Outdoor Recap

Great news from the Rio Olympic Pole Vault. Katerina Stefanidi, a Greek athlete, who trained with us the three years prior and married Mitch Krier one of our former athlete/coaches. She came to us with a personal best of 14’10”, and is now an Olympic Champion with a personal best of 16’ 1”. With her achievement we now have Two Olympic Golds coming from our family of vaulters. We are very proud of her and Mitch and wish them the best in their future endeavors!

Cole Riddle as a Junior in high school placed 8th in the Pole Vault at the USATF Junior National Championships (athletes under 20 years old) and was one of the youngest in the field. He also vaulted the highest mark by an Arizona High School junior, clearing 16’ 6” winning the Arizona Meet of Champions with that Performance.

Trista Smith after winning the D3 State Championship went on to Vault 12’ 6” to take 2nd at the Arizona Meet of Champions. This mark ranked Trista at #1 on the RISEN Performance History list. Trista has graduated will Vault with GCU in College. We wish her the best of luck!

Elite Vaulter’s Progressions:
We also had a couple of Elite athletes, Alex Bishop and Natasha Kolbo, break into the top 100 World Rankings for the year by improving their consistency and personal bests. Alex finished the year with a new PB or 5.52m (18’ 1 ½”), and Tasha finished with 4.35m (14’ 3 ¼”). Both barely missed qualifying for the Olympic Trials, and will be pushing this year for a chance at the 2017 World Championships!

Arizona State High School Championships 2016
Congratulations to our athletes who qualified for and competed in this years High School State Championships.

Cole Riddle (jr) 2nd Place D1
Mark Obadia (jr) 13th D1
Nick Ryan (jr) 18th D1
Reed Byrnes (jr) 19th D1

Trista Smith (senior)1st Place D3
Lily Standley (soph)2nd Place D4

Spring 2015

2015 High School State Championships

Justice Masolini wins the D2 State Champs and commits to UoA
John Wenig wins the D2 State Champs
Jenna Fitzgerald places 5th in the D1 State Champs and commits to ASU
Joe Ernst Places 3rd in the D1 State Champs and he and his brother Tom will vault for The Air Force Academy

Katerina Stefanidi wins the Mt. Sac Relays and posted a World leading mark of 4.71m
(15' 5 1/2") to win the Drake Relays. Kat was also voted European Female Athlete of the Month for April 2015!

Natasha Kolbo places 2nd at the 1st Olympic Training Center competition of the year with 4.22m (13' 10 1/4").

Justice Masolini broke her High School record twice with 11' 8" and 6 days later 12'. Winning both the Scottsdale City Championships and the NE Valley Championships.

2015 RISEN Indoor

Katerina Stefanidi competed against the best from 49 countries at the
European Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. She performed at the top of her game clearing 15' 7" bringing home a Silver Medal.

Our Indoor Season saw several Personal Bests:

Katerina Stefanidi 4.77m (15' 7 3/4")
Brittany Grasberger 3.81m (12' 6")
Joe Ernst 4.57m (15')
John Wenig 4.45m (14' 6")
Tom Ernst 4.28m (14')